Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally!!! I found The Book "Look Book"


Finally i found it!
Accidentally as usual i browse my lovely partner blog's Ms. jenssen "Theliciousgum-Fashion Paradise"   and how smart her in fashion? For many times i see the new look, new style, new stuff from her blog.
 Even not propotional, but she's so confidence to use each fashion stuff!! i neva see girl like her before. Congrats!!!
but for the exposed is a banner at her blog that make me curious. There is "LOOK BOOK" writen inside the banner, with photo wich shown fotogenic face. Then i click the banner, and te link was deliver me to the "LOOK BOOK" site...
And for the result is..." I think i have a new playground"....
Caused all u can do about fashion here  as a models, stylist, fashion editors, fotography(but not main reason i be here)
but wait ....
I can't join the site.. Oh God or anyone can help me?
Whatever.. i have tried but they said " wait for our invitation code we've 
sent to you"
so... Now im still wait , wait, and wait......
but  i found some cute, cool and great stuff there, here is....


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